Pet Cat Brings Home a bag of weed to his human owner who is a policeman

Westland police sergeant Dave says one of his cats striped kitty named Tigger started bringing home all sorts of strange things.
He set up a camera to catch Tigger in the act and stardet a facebook page to chronicle all the stolen stuff that his pet cat has brought him thousand of objects , safty goggles , history homework , feathers , CD’s , baseball skin , bags and bags of clothing and all sorts of toys from several toy swords to nerf footballs to a Batman mask all they way to a bag of weed.When the kitty brought home the bag of marijuana, this came as a big shock to his owner – who actually is a police officer!

He brings all the stolen property right to a police officers house.

“I go in and grab my cup of coffee and walk up to get the newspaper and see what Tigger has brought me today, that’s my morning routine,” he noted online.

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